Monday, November 2, 2009

Atlanta Pride

I had been planning for months to go to Atlanta Pride with my girlfriend, but we're doing the long distance thing and in the end it was just too expensive for her to come; and since so much of my plan to go rested on her being here I almost didn't go at all. But:
I've lived in 3 different Cities since the beginning of the year - and spent a few months in another country and did not manage to make it to any of the Pride celebrations that were going on so it was really important to me that I get off my ass and get to Atlanta Pride. Cause I love Pride and all.

And that's what I did, after moping around Friday and Saturday I got off my ass on Sunday and went by m'self; and I'm glad I did.

There were some great resources there and some really cool booths. I saw some cuties, some boobs and got hit on - once - am I getting old?

I almost didn't watch the parade but I'm glad I did; it was good to be in that moment of whooping and cheering for gayness. And I teared up a little when the PFLAGers came marching by the with their I love my gay kid signs - probably because coming out to my mom is heavy on my mind these days.

Aaaanyway. Atlanta Pride? Awesome. But there are no two ways about it.. the girlfriend better find her ass here next year.

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