Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Blogging For Truth

"Better late than never" is one of my favourite things to say. I joined a community of bloggers who committed to blogging for truth for the week of May 25- 31. Unfortunately I was so busy I never got to throw in my two cents.
I'm still too busy to craft much of a post, but I will eventually. In the meantime I wanted to acknowledge the effort before too much time has passed.
So, if you didn't find me through that community - which you likely did - please visit the host blog and see who checked in.
Oh, and remind me the post I have in mind is about how I moved from bisexual to lesbian, and the ongoing angst that's ensued.


Rebecca said...

Hope thing are going well this summer!
Take care

Furtive Life said...

yes, very well so far! thank you. New city new job new love has me busy.

I hope you have a wonderful summer!

Rebecca said...

I am too, but not as busy, LOL. Good luck to you in all!